Farmer Sam’s Dog Day

Farmer Sam's Dog Day title screen
Farmer Sam’s Dog Day title screen

Country life may look so quiet… until troubles occur!

Farmer Sam is in trouble with his barn: the hayloft trap door has been opened and hay bales are bouncing all around. Help him reach the exit and find the key to lock the door and stop this mess, while avoiding being hit by hay bales and falling into water. But watch out: time is running out fast!

Farmer Sam’s Dog Day is a colorful, fast paced 2D fixed screen retro-style platformer for the ZX Spectrum Next 8-bit computer. However, even if you don’t own a ZX Spectrum Next, you can play it on your Windows, Linux or Macintosh computer by means of emulators.

Farmer Sam’s Dog Day features 24 challenging screens and, with the free Farmer Sam’s Dog Day Level Painter web app, you can design and create your own screens and play them on your ZX Spectrum Next!

Farmer Sam’s Dog Day is available at Go grab it!

Some useful tips:

While in the title screen, press the O key to access the options screen, which will allow you to:

  • Redefine keys
  • Disable music during gameplay
  • Play levels created with Level Painter
  • Disable hi-score saving to SD
  • Enable checkpoint mode

To play with joystick, press the fire button or the J key while in the title screen. Joystick must be either configured as Kempston 1 or MD 1.

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