Connect4 loading screen (ZX Spectrum)

Connect4 (ZX Spectrum)

Connect4 is a simple implementation of the well-known Connect Four (a.k.a. Four in a Row, Forza Quattro, Gravitrips) board game for the ZX Spectrum, coded in C language and built with z88dk.

It is my entry to the FORZA 4 Challenge, sponsored by the RetroProgramming Italia – RP Italia group.

You can either download (source code and documentation included) or play it online, by surfing to the Connect4 page on

Here is a short gameplay video, showing the computer playing against itself:

Connect4 (ZX Spectrum) gameplay video.

Besides the ZX Spectrum version, I also made a “universal” one, based on the standard C library, that therefore can be compiled for virtually every system. You can see it in action on the Atari ST (built with m68k-atari-mint cross-tools):

Connect4 (Atari ST, standard I/O version) gameplay video.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your own copy on! 😀

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